Professional Contributions


Throughout each school year my colleagues and I perform three inquiry cycles. We share and compare information targeting common trends for our struggling students. We use assessments, data and research different supports to guide further instruction to meet the needs of these students. 

Data Analysis

Throughout each school year, teachers collaborate to analyze data. Students complete four benchmarks, NYS ELA practice state tests throughout the year. My colleagues and I analyze and compare information targeting common trends across the grade. We discuss areas of strength and weakness throughout the grade and incorporate the necessary skills and mini-lessons into our upcoming lesson plans.

Academic Intervention Services and Test Prep

During each school year I conducted Academic Intervention Services (AIS) or Test Prep once a week outside of school hours. The AIS provided extra support for students who were struggling to meet the grade level standards in ELA and math. Test Prep provided extra practice for students to work on skills for the NYS ELA and Mathematics exams. During the 2020-2021 school year I conducted these sessions remotely, due to Covid restrictions, via Google Classroom and Meet.